Papers in Preparation

Walker, C.M., Kadria Simons-Gafari, & Patricia Ganea (in prep). Weighing the evidence: Conceptual change through storybooks.

Walker, C.M., Buchsbaum, D., Banerjee, E., & Gopnik, A. (in prep). Imagining interventions: Complex causal reasoning in pretend play.

Walker, C.M. (in prep). Explanation as active learning. Invited chapter for M. Saylor & P. Ganea (Eds.), Language and Concept Development from Infancy through Childhood: Social Motivation, Cognition, and Linguistic Mechanisms of Learning. Springer Press.

Lombrozo, T. & Walker, C.M. (in prep). Learning by thinking.

Walker, C.M. & Lombrozo, T. (in prep). Achieving abstraction through explanation.

Walker, C.M., Hubachek, S., & Gopnik, A. (in prep). Language acquisition and the onset of relational reasoning in infants.

Walker, C.M., Hubachek, S., & Vendetti, M. (in prep). Far analogies facilitate relational reasoning in childhood.

Ruggeri, A., Lombrozo, T., Gopnik, A., & Walker, C.M. (in prep). A strategic use of questions to solve a causal inference task in early childhood.

Wente, A., Kimura, K., Walker, C.M., Banerjee, E., MacDonald, B., de los Angeles Fernandez Flecha, M., Lucas, C., & Gopnik, A. (in prep). When Children Are Better (or at Least More Open-Minded) Learners Than Adults: Replications Across Culture and Socioeconomic status.

Bonawitz, E., Walker, C.M., Abbott, J., Griffiths, T., Gopnik, A. (in prep). Variability in preschoolers' cognitive search.